Heavy Duty Power Inverters

Power inverters are being implemented more frequently in commercial applications, and AIMS Power produces some specialty 24 volt commercial inverters to fill that need. These pure sine power inverters are designed for use in larger commercial and residential projects.
The commercial DC to AC inverters we produce are available in 24 volt DC input with outputs of 6,000 watts split phase (120/240), These commercial inverters are perfect for an off-grid business or for running specialized equipment that requires split phase or three phase power.
One of the more popular models is our AIMS 6,000 watt split phase power inverter, which can be hooked up directly to the standard electric panel in your off-grid home or cabin.
Along with out specialty commercial power inverter line we also offer a range of industrial inverters. These industrial grade models are available in modified sine wave in 3,000, 5,000 and 7,000 watts. The AIMS Power industrial inverters include 12 volt, 24 volt and 48 volt DC to AC power inverters. They are classified as industrial power inverters because the surge time is 9 seconds – much higher than a standard inverter – and they can perform in harsh environments.
The AIMS Power industrial inverters come in single phase 120VAC and single phase 240VAC output. We also offer a 48 volt DC 7,000 watt industrial inverter with 220 50hz output for use in Europe and Africa.