Pure Sine Inverter Chargers

The AIMS Power inverter charger is a great all in one package that can be used in multiple applications. Not only does the inverter take DC power and convert it to AC, but it can also automatically charge a battery bank and automatically switch when connected to AC power. This inverter has 2 inputs, DC and AC. When connected to AC power, the unit will pass the AC power through it (generator/city power), as well as charge and maintain the battery bank. As soon as the AC power is disconnected, generator is shut off or city power is lost, the inverter will automatically switch to the DC battery source.

AIMS Power currently offers modified sine wave and pure sine wave inverter chargers. The main difference is in direct correlation to the items the inverter will be powering. Pure sine wave is a very clean power, just like utility power. Whereas modified sine, is a more standard form of power. Since modified is more standard, it has the ability to run the majority of appliances and tools we use every day. The pure sine inverters are needed when you are running very sensitive equipment, such as medical equipment, electronic thermostats, and nebulizers or CPAP machine*.

Battery banks to supply your AIMS dc ac inverter can vary; however, the most common are 12 volts and 24 volts. AIMS power offers two modified sine inverter chargers, one that is 12 volts and the other is 24 volts. Although 12 volts is more common in a vehicle or motorhome, 24 volts can be found in buses and large off grid battery banks. Even though 24 volt systems are more efficient than 12 volt systems, 12 volts can be a very simple setup for small battery banks. Larger battery banks operate better with series and parallel connections, versus all parallel.
AIMS Power offers a full line of inverter chargers, as well as, DC and AC wiring, batteries, and all necessary fuses. The automatic transfer switch and charger function built into the inverter charger makes these very valuable to a wide range of customers.