Batteries & Chargers

AIMS Power offers an exclusive line of AGM deep cycle 12 volt batteries from Vision. AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) deep cycle batteries are sealed to reduce the risks of using them in your home or RV. AGM deep cycle batteries are practically maintenance free, making them more reliable and convenient for use with inverter chargers for use with an inverter charger. We also carry a range of specialized solar batteries from DEKA. These solar batteries come in many different sizes and are available in Gel Cell and AGM. We also carry the DEKA Unigy battery system, which is custom built for your system. If your project requires deep cycle batteries, AIMS Power can supply you with the batteries you need for your project. We have many different batteries available to fit into any budget or project. Order yours today.

12 volt Chargers

24 volt Chargers

48 Volt Chargers