AIMS Power Inverter Perfect for National Preparedness Month

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The man National Geographic dubbed “The Godfather Prepper” says having emergency backup power is a top priority & an AIMS Power inverter is his tool of choice.

Reno, Nevada (PRWEB) Aug. 16, 2013

September is Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA) National Preparedness Month, and Dennis Evers might just be one of the most prepared men in America.

What’s Evers’ secret? Part of it is having an AIMS Power Inverter for an emergency backup power system, because it’s necessary in preparing for just about anything.

Dennis Evers, "The Godfather Prepper"

Dennis Evers, The man National Geographic dubbed "The Godfather Prepper", says having an AIMS Power inverter should be first on your checklist for National Preparedness Month in September.

Evers’ preparation skills were made famous on National Geographic’s popular show “Doomsday Preppers”, and he says that behind food, water, and shelter — having electricity is essential in a disaster situation.

“Psychologically, I believe it’s essential to be able to see a light go on when you flip the switch,” Evers said. “Watching television, cooking, turning on a reading light, playing games or using appliances are activities that will divert your attention from whatever the disaster may be and help you get through it.”

A heavy wind could knock the power out for a day or maybe a week; an earthquake could render you powerless for a month; a hurricane could kill electricity for six weeks, but Evers says that most people aren’t prepared for any level of disaster.

“We had a power outage here (in southwestern Colorado) that lasted fourteen days and all the pipes burst on the people that didn’t have backup power,” Evers said. “They lost all their pipes and all the plumbing in their house, because it was frozen.

“We didn’t have to worry about it because we had our inverter and backup power we were ready to roll.”

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