AIMS Power inverters bring truckers the comforts of home

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The 2000 watt pure sine AIMS Power inverter charger is a great tool for truckers.

Driving for days on end requires a strong will and extraordinary preparation skills. AIMS Power inverters can help with the latter.

The road can be a lonely, draining place. Help yourself out or help a friend out by giving the gift of mobile electricity with an AIMS Power inverter.

Experienced big-rig drivers know that bringing along some of the comforts of home is a great way to battle the boredom of a long haul.
The only problem is getting the right electricity inside the cab of a truck …

This is where an AIMS Power inverter comes in handy. A popular unit for truckers is our 2000 watt low frequency inverter charger, which has two convenient ground fault circuit interrupter AC outlets so you can plug whatever you want in.

This inverter takes 12 volts DC so it can hook right up to most any truck’s standard battery system. Plus, the unit also comes in a 24 volt model. So in the rare case that your truck uses a 24 volt battery system, we’ve still got you covered.

Another great thing about AIMS Power’s low frequency inverter charger line is that it gives you the ability to connect to shore power as well as a standard battery.  When you connected to shore power, you can charge your battery bank using the built in battery charger in this unit.

Thus the name: inverter charger.

All of the AIMS Power pure sine inverter chargers also have a 300 percent surge capacity of 6000 watts so you can pretty much run whatever you want from right inside any vehicle!

Another popular pick is the 1000 watt inverter charger, which packs a little less of a punch but still is great for several applications.

Either inverter is a smart purchase for a trucker and a great gift for a friend that you know is on the road a lot.

This inverter will provide enough power to run things like a television, mini fridge or even a microwave to make trucking a bit more attractive.

Watch your favorite movie to unwind after a long day of driving.

Run a space heater during those cold nights.

Brew a pot of coffee from the comfort of the cockpit before setting out on the road for the day.

Keep beverages cool traveling through the hotter parts of the country.

Pop a burrito in the microwave as a midday snack, and do it all without having to stop somewhere!

A trucker could potentially make record time and get a promotion, because having mobile electricity at your disposal means making fewer stops.

Contact AIMS Power today, and take a more comfortable ride tomorrow.


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