Upfitters Use, Trust AIMS Power Inverters

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As a leader in power inverter technology, AIMS Power is a trusted source in the upfitting industry. 

Technology on police cars, ambulances, fire trucks, media vans, food trucks and many other service vehicles run off of POWER INVERTERS!

With AIMS Power inverters as the backbone, we can help design a reliable mobile power system whether you’re a small business owner upfitting just a few trucks or the project leader in creating a power system for a fleet of up-fitted police cars.

The benefit to AIMS Power’s pure sine wave low frequency inverter, as opposed to our modified sine wave inverter, is that it’s a more reliable and consistent source of energy. So AIMS Power’s pure sine wave low frequency inverters have the capacity and stability to sustain the amount of power needed for medical equipment that saves lives.

AIMS Power inverters can get the job done no matter what the stakes.

AIMS Power inverters supply service vehicles with the electricity they need to save lives.

Power inverters are a necessity whether starting your own food truck business or if you’re taking the lead in creating a power system for a convoy of communication vehicles, and AIMS power has an inverter for virtually any application imaginable.

AIMS Power proudly supplies pipeline service companies with power inverters to upfit vehicles equipped with the most advanced technology available for carrying out government-ordered safety inspections on oil pipelines. The upfitting companies that buy from AIMS Power employ some of the most highly skilled technicians in the industry, and they stand behind the quality and price of AIMS Power inverters and accessories.

Our inverters put mobile businesses and services in the position to make a sale or perform their duty no matter what the location or situation because AIMS inverters ensure companies always have the power they need.

So next time you see a street sweeper cleaning up your neighborhood, we hope you’ll think of how AIMS Power inverters are helping perform that necessary duty in society. It’s an AIMS Power inverter that provides the energy needed to do jobs that clean up the streets, fill bellies and save lives when there wouldn’t be any way to do so otherwise.

Vehicle upfitters recognize the consistent reliability of AIMS Power inverters, because they trust us to power jobs that are an integral part of the way a society functions.

When you turn on your TV and see a journalist on the scene reporting about the next presidential election, know it’s partially an inverter (possibly made by AIMS Power) making that possible from a communications van.

When the snowplow clears the streets so that everyone can make it to work on time and feed their families, know it’s partially an inverter (possibly made by AIMS Power) making that possible from the cockpit of the upfitted truck.

AIMS Power inverters are what provide plows with enough electricity to clear the streets of snow. Photo by Oregon Department of Transportation.

If you ever need a mobile MRI, know it’s partially an inverter (possibly made by AIMS Power) making that possible.

When your kids run out to an ice cream truck in the heat of summer to be refreshed by a freezing cold treat, know it’s partially an inverter (possibly made by AIMS Power) making that possible.

AIMS Power inverters keep the ice cream cold for your kids! photo by Kamaile O. Chan

Sorry for powering the police lights that sometimes pull you over, but just remember, it might be an AIMS Power inverter that’s saving your life next time.

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Eric Lee Castillo (2 Posts)

An inverter and DC to AC power systems expert at AIMS Power, a global leader in power inverter technologies. For more information visit their website at www.aimscorp.net

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