AIMS Power 6000 Watt Solar Inverter Charger Video Review

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Check out AIMS Power’s 6000 watt 24 volt low frequency solar inverter charger and a video review of the features of this innovative product below:

AIMS Power upgraded the 6000 watt models with UI transformers that lower total harmonic distortion (THD) and increase efficiency.

Here’s a snippet below from a blog post by that featured the lowered THD in 4000 and 6000 watt inverter chargers:

“THD is a noise generated by an inverter or inverter charger’s transformer that can be highly annoying and have damaging effects on electrical equipment. The AIMS Power 4000 and 6000 watt low frequency inverter chargers’ THD is lowered to around 7-10 percent under full linear loads, in fierce contrast to the standard 25 percent. Undesirable distortion can increase the current in power systems, resulting in higher temperatures and emissions. High frequency harmonics can cause additional core loss in motors which results in overheating of the motor core. These harmonics can also interfere with communication transmission lines since they oscillate at the same frequencies. The increased temperatures and interference can dramatically lessen the life of most electronic equipment and cause harm to power systems.”

Below shows just how much more efficient UI transformers are compared to EI in this 6000 watt inverter charger:

  • UI Idle Consumption: 75 watts
  • EI Idle Consumption: 192 watts
  • UI full load discharge efficiency: 88%
  • EI full load discharge efficiency: 86.50%
  • UI full load THD in INV mode: 15%
  • EI full load THD in INV mode: 21%

This unit is industrial grade and reliable in any situation whether you need mobile, off-grid or backup power.

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