Modified Sine Power Inverters

The most common power inverters today are modified sine wave power inverters. These inverters are used in many different applications and projects from mobile businesses to off-grid homes. AIMS Power produces a powerful and reliable line of modified sine power inverters from 75 watts to 8,000 watts that are ETL listed. These ETL listed inverters conform to UL standard 458 and are CSA certified.
The AIMS Power modified sine inverter group includes 12, 24 and 48 volt inverters, and we also offer inverter chargers with built in transfer switches. Our 12 volt inverters are used in many applications from small vehicles to off-grid cabins. The AIMS Power 24 volt modified sine inverters are becoming very popular for use in charter buses, motor coaches and other large vehicles.
In addition to our 12 and 24 volt modified sine power inverters we also offer an industrial 48 volt DC to AC power inverter that produces 7,000 watts of AC power. This is one of the strongest off-gird 48 volt inverters available and features a nine-second surge time up to 14,000 watts.