Off-Grid Inverters

AIMS Power has a large selection of off grid inverters in 12 volt, 24 volt and 48 volt power inverters. We have power inverters for almost any off-grid power system and we are committed to helping you get the right tools for the right job.
Our line of off-grid power inverters come in a wide range of wattage's from 400 watts up to 15,000 watts. These types of inverters are available as both pure sine wave and modified sine wave power inverters and they will work great on your 12, 24 or 48 volt deep cycle battery bank or on your off-grid wind or micro hydro system.
If you are trying to set up a small PV power system in a trailer or an off-grid cabin, our AIMS off-grid inverters will have the right size for your project. Simply take a look at our selection and find the power inverters you need.
We also offer a full line of commercial or industrial three-phase and split phase island inverters in pure sine wave and modified sine wave. Contact us today to learn more about our products.