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12 AWG 3 wire cable UL Listed - 60 ft Large Lugs

Model Number: CBL60FT12AWGL
Our price: $59.00


Power Inverter Cable for use on AC terminal blocks. UL listed can handle 48 amps. This cable is a three wire 12 gauge AC cable. This cable is lugged on the end that connects to your inverter. The opposite end of the cable is left unfinished to be adapted to your specific application.

The large lug size 12 gauge cable is compatible with the following inverters:

  • PWRIG7000W
  • PWRIG700048V
  • PWRI8K22050
This product offers a unique flame retardant polyvinyl chloride compound (VW-1), and is moisture, abrasion, acid, diesel fuel and oil resistant. It is extremely flexible and easy to work with.

For use with AC direct connect terminal blocks Lugged on the one side, Lugs 1/4" inside diameter and 15/32" outside diameter. Designed for use with batteries and power inverters.


  • #12 three wire
  • 105°C - 600 Volt
  • FT2 Rated 
  • UL E257305

Our price: $59.00