Global Guide to AIMS Power Inverters & Renewable Energy Systems

AIMS Power launches global interactive inverter guide to understanding electrical systems & benefits of having renewable off-grid, mobile & emergency backup power.

Reno, NV (PRWEB) Oct. 21, 2013

AIMS Power Inverters

By Eric Lee Castillo, AIMS Power Public Relations Director

There’s an AIMS Power inverter for every corner of the map, and a new interactive guide at shows which will work in every country worldwide.

Electrical requirements are unique whether living in India, Thailand, Egypt, Bolivia or Jamaica, and the appropriate specifications need to be met if planning on building any renewable, off-grid, mobile or emergency backup power systems.

The largest line of AIMS Power inverters operate at 110 or 120 volts alternating current (Vac) 60 hertz (Hz), catering mostly to the Unites States and Canada. However, they have many that operate at 220, 230 or 240Vac 50Hz or 60Hz and at 110Vac 50Hz.

“We get a lot of calls from people all over the world, and they’re asking us, ‘What products are available in my country?'” president and founder of AIMS Power, Bruce de Jong said. “So this interactive map is a great way for us to help supply the world with the right inverters specific to the countries people are traveling to or living in.”

AIMS Power carries more than 50 different inverter models, ranging from 75 to 12000 watts in 12, 24 and 48 volts, but only the 6000 watt AIMS Power low frequency solar inverter charger shows up as compatible with every country’s electrical system.

Some pages also include information about renewable energy tax incentives and exemptions specific to each country. The islands of Antigua and Barbuda, for instance, have a waiver of duties and taxes on DC to AC inverters, solar panels, solar panel mounts, charge controllers, deep cycle batteries, solar batteries, transfer switches, and more.

Other important information provided in this guide includes precautions to take for dealing with the weather conditions specific to each country and applications that are common throughout the different regions.

Power a well pump in Africa, a sump pump in Haiti or a full-house emergency backup power system on the east coast of America.

This world map is a benefit to anyone looking for one place with all the information needed when building renewable, off-grid, mobile and emergency backup power systems.

About AIMS Power:

AIMS Power has become a multimillion dollar company because of commitment to the inverter industry. Inverters will be sold worldwide regardless, but innovation combined with excellent customer service separates AIMS Power from the competition. Buying an inverter is almost never a cut-and-dry process, so AIMS Power prides itself on being the most accessible company in the inverter industry. When it comes to technical support and providing quality information to customers, AIMS Power’s utilization of its communication platforms is unmatched. Inverter users call and e-mail our technical support and customer service teams daily from all over the world with issues ranging from aftermarket boat upgrades to backup power systems during hurricane season, and they always reach a real person with a real commitment to solving their problem — no matter how big or small. To contact the AIMS Power team, simply call (775)359-6703 or e-mail sales(at)AIMScorp(dot)net.