AIMS Power Inverters Featured on Television Show Profiles With Terry Bradshaw

AIMS Power Inc. featured on television show Profiles with Terry Bradshaw.

Reno, Nevada (PRWEB) January 05, 2012

AIMS Power Inc. will be featured on the television program titled Profiles With Terry Bradshaw over the next couple of months.

Profiles With Terry Bradshaw is an half-hour program designed to inform consumers and business owners about green energy innovations. AIMS Power Inc. offers a full line of power inverters and related green energy products that will be featured in a five minute segment in the show; this segment will be aired in various markets through the United States.

�Today more than ever we are using green energy products. AIMS Power Inc. offers a full line of power inverters to help consumers use green energy,� said Bruce De Jong, President of AIMS Power Inc. �Our segment on Profiles with Terry is another way for us to connect with viewers and show case our industry leading line of power inverters and inverter related products,� added De Jong.

�The show is an avenue to display to consumers, resellers, and installers of green energy products, why we are an industry leader and what to expect from us in the future,� said Sean Nichols, Vice President of AIMS Power Inc. �Profiles with Terry, is an excellent opportunity to inform the nation about our product line,� added Nichols.

Profiles With Terry Bradshaw is presented to more than 90 million households in the United States and is aired on networks such as, CNN Headline News, FOX Business Network, Discovery Channel and ESPN 2. The show is produced in Profile’s corporate studio and headquarters in Coral Springs, Florida and filmed on location worldwide. Viewers are business owners, business executives and financial professionals. The AIMS Power Inc. segment of Profiles With Terry Bradshaw can be viewed on our website at; AIMS Power Inverters – Profiles with Terry Bradshaw

About AIMS Power Inc.

AIMS Power Inc., headquartered in Reno, Nevada, offers a complete line of dc to ac power inverters. AIMS Power Inc. delivers industry leading products in both pure sine wave and modified sine wave, including 12 volt inverters, 24 volt inverters, 48 volts inverters, inverter chargers and low frequency power inverters. AIMS power inverters are used around the globe in many different applications including mobile businesses, off-grid power systems, emergency back-up power systems and sump pump backup systems. In addition AIMS power inverters can be used in work trucks, fleet vans, luxury motor coaches, charter buses, conversion vans, rescue and fire vehicles, RV’s and boats. AIMS Power Inc. also offers solar charge controllers, Grid Tie Inverters from Kaco Blue Planet inverters and solar panels in 12 volts and 24 volts. Established in 2001, AIMS Power Inc.