AIMS Power to Unveil Green-Energy Inverter Generator at EMEX

AIMS Power inverters are the backbone of the world’s most versatile portable green-energy generator, which will be unveiled at EMEX in Reno, Nevada Oct. 28-30.

Reno, NV (PRWEB) Oct. 27, 2013

By Eric Lee Castillo, AIMS Power Public Relations Director

The Emergency Management and Homeland Security Expo (EMEX), an annual tradeshow put on by the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM), will feature AIMS Power as an exhibitor during the event at Silver Legacy in Reno, Nevada October 28-30.

AIMS Power, an off-grid and renewable energy company based in Reno, plans to showcase its newest product, which they claim is the “world’s most versatile” portable green-energy generator.

The product is manufactured in Reno and boasts more than 25 different models, including some with solar capabilities, to satisfy a wide-range of applications.

AIMS Power Inverters

“We imagine this product being great for emergency backup power applications, especially during disaster relief efforts; for anyone participating in an outdoor event, for a tech-savvy prepper and even for humanitarian efforts in countries with little electrical infrastructure,” AIMS Power vice president Sean Nichols said. “The biggest selling points are that it’s easily deployable and highly powerful, so in the event of a crisis where the military, FEMA or Homeland Security needs to act quickly and effectively, this is a serious game-changer.”

The company also plans to display and provide information about its extensive line of DC to AC inverters, which features more than 50 different models that come with 12, 24, 36 or 48 Volt inputs and generate anywhere from 75 to 12,000 Watts in the form of modified or pure sine waves.

Amongst the most popular applications for AIMS Power inverters and renewable energy products is providing emergency electricity during disaster relief efforts. The company president and founder, Bruce de Jong, says his sales increase threefold during natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy, Hurricane Katrina and many others.

Some of these customers include Princeton University faculty and students, who developed what they called the “Princeton Power in a Box” with a 5000 Watt AIMS Power inverter as the backbone. It is said to be the world’s first hybrid solar and wind generator, and everything it needs is fitted into a 20-foot shipping container.

The system was designed as a disaster aid for the country of Haiti during a destructive earthquake in 2010, and it was deployed in Bermuda this past summer to help power the Atlantis Project at the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences.

“Here at AIMS we really pride ourselves on the customers we attract, because they’re doing things to improve their own lives and those around them by reducing their environmental footprints and using our products in creative ways to provide those under tough circumstances with basic human necessities,” de Jong said. “We have customers that have been featured on the National Geographic Channel and even some that work for NASA, so I’m always excited when I meet someone interested in working with AIMS Power.”

More about AIMS Power:

AIMS Power has become a multimillion dollar company because of commitment to the inverter industry. Inverters will be sold worldwide regardless, but innovation combined with excellent customer service separates AIMS Power from the competition. Buying an inverter is almost never a cut-and-dry process, so AIMS Power prides itself on being the most accessible company in the inverter industry. When it comes to technical support and providing quality information to customers, AIMS Power’s utilization of its communication platforms is unmatched. Inverter users call and e-mail our technical support and customer service teams daily from all over the world with issues ranging from aftermarket boat upgrades to backup power systems during hurricane season, and they always reach a real person with a real commitment to solving their problem — no matter how big or small. To contact the AIMS Power team, simply call (775)359-6703 or e-mail sales(at)AIMScorp(dot)net.