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Bus Manufacturers and Operators

Aims Power offers a complete line of 24 Volt DC power inverters specifically for bus manufacturer's and/or operator's power needs when city power is not available. Whether it’s an industrial inverter charger to power large TV displays or audio equipment from an auxiliary battery bank or a compact inverter to charge cell phones, laptops or personal grooming tools, we have the product for on the road power.

By using an auxiliary battery bank with an inverter or an inverter charger you can provide AC power to the bus and plug into city power, when available, to recharge your auxiliary battery bank.

We offer ongoing tech support for our Bus manufacturer and/or operator customers and can assist with inverter, cable and fuse sizing based on the power needed. Listed below are our most common inverters for the bus industry.

2500 watt 24Vdc modified sine power inverter – PWRINV250024W
3000 watt 24Vdc modified sine power inverter – PWRIG300024120S
3000 watt 24Vdc pure sine power inverter – PICOGLF30W24V120VR – perfect for sensitive electronics
4000 watt 24Vdc pure sine power inverter – PICOGLF40W24V120V – ideal for large sensitive electronics

2500 watt 24 volt Power Inverter - PWRINV250024W from AIMS Power on Vimeo.