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Indonesia Power Inverters and Solar Panels

The electrical grid operates on 220 Vac 50 Hz in Indonesia.

AIMS Power is your one-stop shop for off-grid, mobile and emergency backup electricity, and we’ll ship to Indonesia for the lowest cost possible.

A huge factor in choosing AIMS Power as your source for all electrical needs is the fact that we provide top-notch customer service and tech support with the purchase of our products whenever you need it.

People in Indonesia are pleased to find that AIMS Power will mail everything needed for off-grid and/or mobile renewable energy systems, including inverters, solar panels, deep-cycle batteries and more.

AIMS Power inverters are the solution for off-grid, mobile and/or backup electricity there. AIMS Power provides products to help residents of Indonesia achieve energy independence, we’ll deliver them right to your doorstep for the cheapest price possible.

You can’t build a renewable energy power system — whether hydro, solar, wind or geothermal — without a DC to AC power inverter, which will act as the backbone of your system. Our 5000 watt power inverter is a popular product for these types of systems, and we also sell the deep-cycle batteries you’ll need to store all that non-polluting electricity.

We firmly believe that solar power is the most sustainable and reliable source of energy, so we sell solar panels in 30, 60, 120 and 230 watt models that will keep your system generating clean, renewable energy for years to come. So shop below and start reducing your environmental footprint …

If you own a business in Indonesia, AIMS Power sells several utility inverters that are marine-grade and will function to perfection within the parameters of a 220 Vac 50 Hz electrical system. So no matter what the circumstance of your environment, your power inverter will be able to function properly providing the electricity you need.

All the AIMS Power inverters and products available in Indonesia are listed below:

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12 Volt Modified Sine Inverters

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12 Volt Pure Sine Inverter Chargers

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24 Volt Modified Sine Inverters

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24 Volt Pure Sine Inverter Chargers

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48 Volt Modified Sine Inverters

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Solar Charge Controllers

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Deep Cycle Batteries

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Solar Panels

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Inverter Cables, Inline Fuses, PV Wire and MC-4 Accessories

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