Jamaica Power Inverters and Solar Panels

Using  an AIMS Power inverter for backup power systems is imperative if living on the island of Jamaica because you cannot rely on the electrical grid to stay at full strength.

Jamaica electricity is 110 Vac 50 Hz, but power outages are not uncommon due to extreme tropical weather and electrical systems that can be unreliable. AIMS Power inverters, inverter chargers, solar panels and other electrical system accessories can create reliable sources of backup power that residents of Jamaica need for safety and peace of mind.

The government of Jamaica has made serious strides regarding renewable energy, specifically in the solar industry, having implemented several tax benefits and exemptions specific to Jamaica residents for the purchase of products that promote green energy.  

AIMS Power sells many of the items, such as solar panels, which make residents and business owners of Jamaica eligible for the tax breaks. But most importantly, we are here to help residents of Jamaica prepare themselves with reliable backup power systems that can handle the rough conditions of island life.

Having a backup system to power a water pump, for example, could be the difference between having a flooded home and a dry one during a powerful tropical storm or a hurricane. An inverter and battery bank powering a water pump could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in the event of a storm strong enough to knock out electricity on the island. Still having the power needed to pump water out of your house could truly be priceless in a dire situation.

Most all AIMS Power inverters feature a conformal coating that will protect the products electrical boards from damage that can be caused by water and/or dust in the air. Another huge benefit for customers in Jamaica is the fact that AIMS Power inverter transformers are incredibly resilient to impact damage, which is comforting during the shipping process and in case accidents happen during install.

AIMS Power inverters are practically bullet proof!  

Backup power systems aside, AIMS Power inverters are also great for boating applications. An inverter and battery bank can be used to power any number of aftermarket fishing and/or safety equipment one can think to add to a boat. Whether it’s a fancy stereo system or a high-tech radar system, an AIMS inverter can get you the power needed to operate the machinery in the way that you’d like to.

The people of Jamaica know how to live, and the recreational opportunities on the island are seemingly endless, but these AIMS Power products only perpetuate those efforts. Power outlets are hard to find on the beach, but inverters and power system accessories make powering anything possible from anywhere. Use your imagination and see what you can build in Jamaica using AIMS Power products!

Though Jamaica isn’t exactly an economic metropolis, business must go on. If planning on setting up a satellite location for your business or holding an event for your organization and need power in Jamaica, AIMS power systems can get you the wattage you need.  

Off-grid, mobile and backup electrical systems in Jamaica run on AIMS Power products. Here is a list of our products that will work properly with the electrical system in Jamaica:

All the AIMS Power inverters and products available in Jamaica are listed below:

12 Volt Pure Sine Inverter Chargers

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24 Volt Pure Sine Inverter Chargers

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48 Volt Pure Sine Inverter Chargers

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Solar Charge Controllers

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Deep Cycle Batteries

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Solar Panels

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Inverter Cables, Inline Fuses, PV Wire and MC-4 Accessories

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