New 6000 watt 48 volt Inverter Charger

New from AIMS Power:  a 6000 watt 48 volt pure sine inverter charger.  This new inverter charger features 120Vac output and 300% surge rating for 20 seconds.

Reno, NV (PRWEB) Jan. 29, 2014

By Sean Nichols, AIMS Power Vice President

It has been a busy month at AIMS Power – in the last month they have introduced three new inverter chargers.   The new 8000, 10000 and 12000 watt 48 volt inverter chargers have been a big hit.  This week they are launching a fourth addition to this line, the new 6000 watt 48 volt inverter charger.

This 6000 watt inverter is a true 120Vac power house.  The unit works with a 48 volt battery bank and has a built in 45 amp smart battery charger.   The ac output of the inverter is one single leg of 120Vac only.  This unit is capable of surging up to 300% for 20 seconds.  The unit also has a built in automatic transfer switch, which allows it to switch seamlessly from grid power to battery power.  The internal parts of the inverter are all conformal coated to protect it from being damaged by humidity or dust particles.

“A few years back we introduced a 6000 watt 24 volt inverter charger with an output of 120/240Vac.  Since then customers have been asking us for a unit that outputs all 6000 watts on one single leg,” President of AIMS Power, Bruce De Jong said.  “We developed this inverter charger for those that need a lot of 120Vac power, from a reliable pure sine power platform.”

This inverter charger is a great solution for many applications.  It can be used for emergency backup power systems or for off-grid solar homes, cabins or businesses.  It is one of the most powerful inverter chargers available in the market today.  The fact that it is a 48 volt inverter is a definite advantage; it allows for greater efficiency, as well as the capacity to utilize a much larger battery bank than a lower dc voltage system.  The unit also has a switch built in that can allow it to output and interface with either 50 or 60 Hz.  This pure sine inverter charger is just one of many offered by AIMS Power, a global leader in inverter technology.

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