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There are lots of things you can do with a power inverter. For work truck use, it can open up new business opportunities when you are far away from the nearest conventional electrical source.

AIMS Power offers a broad line of power inverters for fleet and work truck power needs when city power is not available. We understand the demands made on these truck power inverters. They must be reliable and safe, preventing any down time.

Power inverters for trucks should also be made strong to stand up to the demands of the job and challenging conditions. Whether it's an industrial inverter charger to power large loads from an auxiliary battery bank or a compact inverter to charge cell phones, laptops or small tools, we have the products you need.

Our inverter chargers are a great alternative to generators. They can also be used to work in conjunction with generators. The ETL listed to UL458 standards pure sine inverter chargers provide safe and consistent power. You can use them with a generator to easily recharge a battery bank.

Whether you are looking for a 3000-watt power inverter for truck use or something smaller, you'll find a range of options here to suit your needs. We offer rugged inverter chargers ranging from 1000 watts up to 3000 watts with a direct connect AC terminal block and a dual GFCI plug that can withstand the demands of harsh conditions.

Our industrial pure sine inverters without a charger are another popular product line for work trucks and fleets. These inverters are perfect for applications that need easy, clean power. They include the appropriate cable and connector for an on/off remote switch.

Let's not forget about our economical product line of ETL listed to UL 458 modified sine power inverters. The modified sine inverters are ideal for equipment and appliances that do not require a pure sine wave.

We offer ongoing tech support for our fleet and work truck customers. We can assist with inverter, cable and fuse sizing based on your work truck's power needs. Listed below are our most common inverters for work truck and fleet power systems: