AIMS Power Worldwide Leader in Power Inverter Technologies, Introduces New Off-Grid 120 Watt Solar Panel

AIMS Power, global leader in inverter technologies, introduces a new line of off-grid solar panels. The new AIMS Power 120 watt solar panel is perfect for any off-grid application. These new high-quality solar panels will work great with an AIMS Power inverter or solar charge controller.

Reno, Nevada (PRWEB) May 03, 2012

AIMS Power, a global leader in power inverter technologies, is proud to introduce the new AIMS Power 120 Watt solar panel. In 2010, AIMS Power quietly entered the solar panel market and successfully introduced a line of 230 watt solar panels. AIMS Power felt it was time to expand their product offering in the solar panel industry, by adding the smaller 120 watt 12 volt solar panel to its product line.

Many people are looking for off-grid solar solutions for many new and exciting projects. This new solar panel is perfect for almost any off-grid application. When coupled with an AIMS power inverter or AIMS solar charger controller you can easily build an off-grid system with AIMS high quality products.

AIMS Power decided to go into the solar business, to offer a complete solution for its customers. AIMS Power has been offering off-grid power inverters for over a decade. Offering solar panels was a natural progression for the product line at AIMS Power. “We knew adding solar was a good fit for our product line, we plan on introducing more new solar products in the near future,” Bruce De Jong, President of AIMS Power.

These new 12 volt panels can be used to provide power in many different applications including off-grid homes and cabins, well pumps and other agriculture equipment. They can also be used for solar power on your boat or RV. The most popular application for these panels is for emergency back-up power in your home. Over the last decade, AIMS Power has offered emergency power products, to consumers and resellers to help provide power during disasters. AIMS Power inverters are commonly deployed after hurricanes and during extended power outages. You can find them in use all around the globe, providing mission critical power in an emergency. The new AIMS 120 watt solar panel, compliments the AIMS power inverter product line, making AIMS Power a complete solution for your emergency backup power system.

About AIMS Power Inc.

AIMS Power Inc., headquartered in Reno, Nevada, offers a complete line of dc to ac power inverters. AIMS Power Inc. delivers industry leading products in both pure sine wave and modified sine wave, including 12 volt inverters, 24 volt inverters, 48 volts inverters, inverter chargers and low frequency power inverters. AIMS power inverters are used around the globe in many different applications including mobile businesses, off-grid power systems, emergency back-up power systems and sump pump backup systems. In addition AIMS power inverters can be used in work trucks, fleet vans, luxury motor coaches, charter buses, conversion vans, rescue and fire vehicles, RV’s and boats. AIMS Power Inc. also offers solar charge controllers, Grid Tie Inverters from Kaco Blue Planet inverters and solar panels in 12 volts and 24 volts. Established in 2001, AIMS Power Inc.