Improved 6000 Watt Low Frequency AIMS Power Inverter Charger

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The AIMS Power 6000 watt 24 volt low frequency inverter charger has been rethought — featuring a more compact size, mounting capabilities and a redesigned transformer — to better meet customers’ needs.

AIMS Power's new 6000 watt low frequency inverter charger

AIMS Power's new 6000 watt low frequency inverter charger features a more compact case.

This unit still includes the same 300 percent surge rating that allows for usage with appliances that have a high start-up electrical surge, such as air conditioners and compressors. It also still includes the same direct connect terminal block, which allows for and easily-accessible and clean connection.

This unit is still AIMS Power’s top-of-the-line inverter, and it’s still compatible with every electrical system on Earth, making it the best option on the market for clean off-grid, mobile and/or emergency backup electricity.

The new unit is model # PICOGLF60W24V240VS.

The only feature the new unit doesn’t have that the old one did is the built-in solar charge controller, but that add-on surprisingly caused more problems than it solved. This is because of the very minimal solar capacity it had, so we actually see it as an improvement to cut that capability.

We will go back to having a built-in solar charge controller when the technology catches up with demand.

Until then, AIMS Power sells high quality external solar charge controllers that will get the job done right.

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