AIMS Power’s African inverters have become an invaluable asset amongst the people of Egypt, Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, South Africa and beyond. Using a power inverter has truly become a way of life for the people of Africa because of the lack of electrical resources available there.

AIMS Power guarantees to work diligently with African customers so they get the best price and product possible.

Whether you need a power inverter for pumping water out of a well system, to run a couple lights at your home or if you just would like some peace of mind in setting up a backup power system, AIMS Power inverters can take care of it for a reasonable price.

AIMS Power carries many different inverter models, including 220 /230/240 Vac 50 hertz, ranging from 1500 to 12000 watts, in 12, 24 to 48 volt models.

Just use the scroll down menu to select your country and begin acquiring the knowledge necessary for creating your new mobile, backup and/or off-grid power system: