North America

Whether you need a power inverter to create an off-grid power system for your camping trip to the Grand Canyon or to build the American Dream with mobile systems for your construction company’s fleet of work trucks, AIMS Power inverters can get any job done.

Emergency preparedness is a precaution that AIMS Power is proud to assist its customers with. This map can help you acquire the information needed on the Caribbean islands, coasts of the United States, in Canada, Greenland, Mexico and more so that you have a backup plan before the next power outage.

AIMS Power carries 12, 24 to 48 volt models with varying wattage capacities, and we also carry solar panels, batteries, cables, and anything else you’d need for a backup, mobile and/or off-grid power systems.

Just use the scroll down menu to select your country and begin acquiring the knowledge necessary for creating your new mobile, backup and/or off-grid power system: