AIMS Power Inverters

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AIMS Power has been featured on 5 minute segment on the nationally broadcasted show �Profiles with Terry.� Which is hosted by NFL hall of famer Terry Bradshaw. The show covers renewable energy products. The segment is about AIMS power inverters and how they are used around the globe in many different applications. Today, more and more AIMS inverters are implemented to cut back on the use of fossil fuels. Many mobile businesses are using power inverters in their fleet vehicles to power equipment needed for daily operation of the business. The video also talks about inverters for RV�s, buses, boats and off-grid applications some of the most popular uses for AIMS power inverters. Also, AIMS Power recently joined in a partnership with Kaco New Energy. AIMS Power is a master distributor of Kaco Blue Planet inverters, the best grid-tie inverters available in the market today. The show also covers the new AIMS Power Solar Product line. AIMS introduced this new solar product line in 2011. Currently we have 230 watt PV panels and 120 watt PV panels. The most exciting addition to the AIMS Power Solar product line is the new 40 amp MPPT Solar charge controller. AIMS Power has a full line of dc to ac power inverters in pure sine and modified sine wave. We have 12, 24 and 48 volt inverters and inverter chargers. AIMS also has a full line of industrial grade power inverters and a line of export inverters in 230v 50hz.