Inverter Chargers

Does your project require an inverter charger with a built-in transfer switch? At AIMS Power we a wide range of power inverters that can fit your needs. Our selection of inverter chargers includes both pure sine and modified sine power inverters, and we are committed to helping you get the powerful and effective devices you need.

The modified sine wave power inverter charger is available in 1,500 watts. This unit is capable of handling AC power from your home or business, and they have a built-in automatic transfer switch, which manages the necessary power inputs and switches to the deep cycle battery bank when AC power is not available. These units are great for emergency backup power in your home or business or even as an RV or boat inverter system.

AIMS Power also offers pure sine inverter chargers in 600 watts up to 12,000 watts. All of these inverter charger units produce a clean, smooth power signal that closely resembles your city power signal. These chargers can be used to provide backup power for complex electronics or computers, and they are also a popular replacement for older models that were used in RV’s and boats.