Power Inverter Cables and Wire

AIMS Power can provide you with high-quality stranded copper cable for almost any project. We are committed to helping you get the right size cable for any inverter, and we can custom cut cable in any length. Just call for a quote. All of our inverter cables are UL listed, lugged on both ends, and ready to install. We do NOT accept returns for any cable orders. 

The right size inverter cable is an important part of your DC power system. We carry multiple sizes of power inverter cable because the most efficient system that is free of power bottlenecks requires the proper sized inverter cable. If you need help figuring out what size cable to use, please call us we are happy to help you choose the right dimensions. We carry inverter cable in six sizes: #12 AWG, #8 AWG, #6AWG, #4 AWG, 1/0 AWG and 4/0 AWG. These cables are available in sets or as single pieces.