Pure Sine Inverter Chargers

Because they provide seamless and smooth electrical current comparable to household, business and industrial power, pure sine inverter chargers are a popular choice for converting direct-current battery power to alternating-current electricity for residential or commercial use. With this type of inverter charger, you can use pure sine wave to produce cleaner power.

An AIMS Power inverter charger is particularly appropriate for computers, medical devices and other sensitive electronic equipment. Although this type of inverter charger costs a bit more to buy than a modified sine wave inverter charger, it can run devices and appliances more efficiently and help them last longer, which will save you money in the long run. In addition, this type of charging inverter has become less expensive, adding to your savings.

Acting as a DC inverter with charger, our inverter-chargers are all-in-one devices. They convert DC power to AC power. At the same time, they charge a backup battery bank for use when AC power is disconnected or electricity from the local utility is lost. That makes them a great choice for off-grid living or simply for emergency preparedness.

Browse a big selection of AIMS Power pure sine inverter chargers and accessories, making it easy to find the right AIMS inverter charger for your situation. Our AIMS inverters are available in 12V and 24V versions.

A 12-volt AIMS Power inverter charger is more typically used in vehicles and RVs, while 24V inverter chargers are common for buses and larger battery banks. We carry 12V inverter chargers from 600W to 4,000W and 24V inverter chargers from 3000W to 6000W.

For larger applications, check out our 48V pure sine wave chargers as well as 384VDC models that can handle 30KW to 200KW. These bigger chargers are ideal for large homes, ranches, businesses and other applications that need substantial amounts of backup power. Many of these devices are ETL certified to UL 458 and CSA certified to CSA 22.2.

We also carry useful accessories for these inverter chargers. A battery temperature sensor will increase your batteries’ life, while an LED remote panel provides an easy on/off remote switch for AIMS inverters.

Not sure which inverter charger is right for your business or have questions? We are just a quick email or phone call way. Contact us and our friendly, expert staff members will help you find the right solution for the application you have in mind.