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AIMS Power has been an industry leader in power inverter products since 2001. AIMS Power is your complete source for dc to ac power inverters. We strive to carry the most complete line of dc power inverters available today. Our engineers work hard to make power inverters that meet our customers needs.

We have inverters for any application; commercial inverters, industrial inverters, consumer power inverters, and power inverters for cars and whole house inverters. AIMS Power is an industry leader in DC power conversion , we are consistently developing innovative products for use in green energy applications and in mobile businesses around the globe. Our specialty is dc to ac power inverters. Our complete line of dc to ac converters include; 12 volt power inverters, 24 volt power inverters, and 48 volt power inverters.

AIMS Power produces a complete line of modified sine wave power inverters and pure sine power inverters. In addition, we have a full line of power inverters with built in chargers and transfer switches. These inverter charger units are available in both pure sine wave and modified sine wave. AIMS Power has a full line of export power inverters for use in 220v 50hz systems. The AIMS export power inverter product line includes; Latin and South American inverters, African power inverters, European power inverters and Australian power inverters.

AIMS Power has a complete line of Commercial and Industrial Grade power inverters. These units are available in 12 volt, 24 volt and 48 volt industrial grade configurations. We also design and produce a specialized line of split phase 120/240 pure sine inverter chargers between 6kw and 12 kw. These commercial power inverter products are available exclusively from AIMS Power.

We manufacture a complete line of ETL listed power inverters. We have ETL listed pure sine power inverters and modified sine power inverters. All of the AIMS ETL listed products conform to UL standard 458 and are CSA certified power inverters. In addition to ETL listing, most of products are CE certified and RoHS compliant.

AIMS Power is also an industry leader with our 3 way automatic transfer switches, we produce one of the best transfer switches in the market today.

AIMS Power also supplies inverter cables in many different sizes to work with virtually any power inverter or solar system, all of our cable is UL listed stranded copper cable.