Rack Mount Inverters

Rack-mount inverters provide a neat, organized and dependable way to protect your essential equipment from blackouts and other emergencies and city utility power problems. They mount neatly and out of the way on racks but will automatically switch from your local electric utility to your backup batteries when city power fails during storms or power outages are caused by other factors. AIMS Power carries a selection of DC-to-AC rack-mount inverters that makes it easy to find the right one for your system and your budget.

Our rack-mount inverter selection runs the gamut. From 1,000-watt 24-volt DC to 120-volt AC inverters and 3,000-watt 48-volt DC to 120-volt AC inverters, we have you covered. Rack sizes include 1u and 2u.

These inverters produce high-quality, pure sine power at a stable 120-volt AC output that is ideal for running sensitive electronics. They are perfect for computers, telecom, audio/visual, medical and other important equipment.

A built-in automatic transfer switch seamlessly transfers power from your city service to your battery backup bank when city power goes out, with a typical transfer time of less than 20 ms. As long as your battery backups provide sufficient voltage, the inverter will provide steady power to your devices.

AC outlets give you easy access to AC power. DC terminals are on the back of the inverter for connecting to battery power. The front of the inverter has a LED monitor that lets you track input DC voltage, output AC voltage, frequency and AC current. A communications port allows you to monitor these numbers via computer as well.

Safety features include an over-temperature indicator and overload protection as well as low battery voltage warning/shutdown, high input voltage protection with automatic shutdown and short circuit protection. Each unit comes with a complete instruction manual as well as a one-year manufacturer’s parts and labor warranty and a year of free tech support.