Lithium LiFePO4

Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries & Chargers

LiFePO4 Backup Batteries

When it’s time to turn on backup power for a home, boat or RV, the last thing you want is a dead battery. A LiFePO4 battery – also known as a lithium iron phosphate battery – is a high-capacity, high-efficiency and long-lasting solution.

These AIMS Power batteries have a sophisticated internal management system to maintain constant output and deliver nearly full power until discharged instead of slowly trickling downward. LiFePO4 battery technology also charges faster and can endure far more charge-discharge cycles than even the best lead acid, GEL and deep cycle AGM batteries.

Lithium Batteries and Accessories

Instead of adding to the battery graveyard with less efficient technologies, AIMS only uses A-grade cells to construct their batteries, meaning 4,000 expected cycles – twice that of B-grade cells.

AIMS offers 12V, 24V and 48V DC LiFePO4 batteries with as many as 400 amperes (amp hours). The right batteries will provide plenty of power for solar backup systems along with boats, RVs, commercial trucks and other applications.

Contact AIMS Power by phone or email for assistance choosing the right battery for safe, stable power. (Please note that these batteries are not designed to use as starter batteries.)