Solar Panels

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There are plenty of reasons you may want to use a solar panel. If you live off the grid or have a remote cabin or RV, solar panels can do everything from charging your laptop, smartphone and all those other magical gadgets that the world increasingly depends on to running your refrigerator or keeping you cool and comfortable. At home, large solar panels can heat your water or even provide enough electricity to run everything in your place, freeing you from monthly utility bills. In fact, in certain locations, you can even sell your excess solar power to your local utility, putting you in the enviable position of receiving checks rather than sending them to your power producer.

In addition to all these benefits, solar panels are just plain good for the environment. They produce valuable electricity without giving off toxic fumes or adding to the carbon load of our rapidly warming planet.

AIMS Power offers a range of top-notch solar panels and connectors. By connecting these with AIMS Power inverters, solar controllers and batteries, you can become totally self-sufficient, energy-wise. An AIMS solar system also makes an excellent backup source of power for hurricanes, storms and other emergencies when your city power goes out.

We carry solar panels of many sizes here, allowing you to easily support your power needs and your budget. Choose from 60-watt solar panels to 265-watt panels. Many of these panels are foldable or bendable for easy mobility.

In addition, we offer multipacks of our larger-wattage solar panels, letting you multiply your savings when you buy in bulk. The more you buy, the more you save. It’s as simple as that, and it’s a good feeling to save money while you help save the environment. These panels come with long-term energy-output guarantees, so you can count on a lasting impact.

In addition to solar panels, we carry MC4 branch connectors in male-male-female and female-female male pairs. Use these to make parallel connections between solar panels. They are perfect for connecting multiple panels or adding more panels to your existing system.