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For large truckload solar panel quote requests, please call 775-359-6703 or email sales@aimscorp.net.

We have now forged a deal with Worldwide Energy and Manufacturing USA Co., Ltd. to be the main sales company in the U.S. Western region for its solar panel factory. We will be offering businesses and consumers -- in WA, OR, ID, WY, NV, UT, AZ, CO and AK -- streamlined factory-direct programs and pricing for large solar panel projects. Our panels range from 30 watts up to 360 watts. Worldwide Energy and Manufacturing is an international manufacturing and engineering firm primarily focused on contract manufacturing services.  We are looking to expand sales staff; Highlights Rising Importance of Green Energy Products. To accommodate our significantly expanded activity in the West, we are hiring new sales representatives in this region that have existing relationships with solar companies, power companies, governments and other potential customers that have large solar needs.

120 Watt Solar Panel
250 Watt Solar Panel Polycrystalline - 24 PACK
250 Watt Solar Panel Polycrystalline - 6 PACK
250 Watt Solar Panel Polycrystalline- 12 PACK