Angola Power Inverters and Solar Panels

Power inverters are an important part of the way of life in Angola, because they help provide electricity when and where there is none. AIMS Power understands that many places in Angola are completely without a power system of any kind — so we work to provide solutions in this area. We have a full range of products that operate within the parameters of Angola’s 220Vac 50Hz electrical system.

You can create electricity wherever and whenever you need it with the products in the link below. Popular applications for AIMS Power products in Angola include powering a well system, running power tools for construction projects and running lights, refrigerators and fans at home.

Residents and business owners of Angola will also be happy to know that the government provides several renewable energy tax incentives that could be applied to the purchase of our products, making them much more cost-effective.

Be part of a larger trend — achieve energy independence and reduce your environmental footprint by generating electricity with renewable resources.

Solar, wind, hydro and/or geothermal energy must be stored in a battery bank once produced, then an AIMS Power inverter is used to convert the DC electricity stored by the batteries into AC power that can be used to run tools and appliances.

Pure Sine inverter chargers are a product of particular popularity throughout Angola because of the unreliable power grid, this unit switches from grid to battery automatically when there is a utility outage.

AIMS Power has worked with international customers for over 16 years. We are often asked if we can ship overseas. AIMS Power is able to ship some product within certain weight limits AND AIMS Power is able to ship product to a freight forwarder within the USA. We have several customers that arrange their own freight and use their preferred freight forwarder.

All of the AIMS Power inverters and products available for Angola are in the link below. Click on the link for a complete product list.