Portable Generators

Mobile, quiet and clean, the AIMS portable CARB-compliant inverter generators from AIMS Power offer a solid solution for many applications where dependable, economical power is a must. Compact and light, these generators are small enough to be used for camping, tailgating and other activities where folks need electrical power beyond reach of an outlet. Our generators also can serve as backup power during and after storms and other emergencies that knock out conventional utility electricity. In addition, they make excellent support for solar and wind systems when environmental conditions don’t cooperate.

These units provide pure, clean sine inverter power, so they are safe to use with sensitive electronics as well as with many other devices and appliances. They are also very environmentally friendly. These generators are super-quiet and fuel-stingy. An economy mode switch makes it easy to run them even more quietly and fuel efficiently.

In addition, our generators meet the strict air emissions standards of the California Air Resources Board, or CARB. Besides benefiting you and the environment, that makes them suitable for use just about anywhere.

The thoughtfully designed control panels on these generators make them a cinch to operate. LED indicators provide information on oil, overload and AC. USB outlets, GFCI outlets and DC output sockets are conveniently located to handle a variety of operating and charging tasks.

For safe operation, these generators feature overload and low-oil shutdown as well as a DC protector for over-current and short-circuit protection. Available in a variety of power choices, including 3,200 watts and 800 watts, these generators come with 12VDC alligator clips, a screwdriver and a spark plug tool. We stand behind these machines with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty.