Cables and Fuse Kits

AIMS Power can provide you with high-quality stranded copper cable for almost any project. We are committed to helping you get the right size cable for any inverter, and we can custom cut cable in any length. Just call for a quote. All of our inverter cables are UL listed, lugged on both ends, and ready to install. We do NOT accept returns for any cable orders.

If you are setting up a solar array, you will need wires, cables and other hardware to transfer electrical power efficiently and safely. Whether you need products for a small solar project, an off-grid cabin or an RV, boat or vehicle, AIMS Power has all the solar PV wire, power inverter cables, alligator clamps and fuse kits you will need to ensure a dependable and safe supply of power.

Our photovoltaic wire is top-quality copper cable that is UL listed, so you can buy without worries. A range of sizes is available to fit any AIMS inverter or just about any other inverter. We can cut cable to the exact length you specify, meaning you buy only what you need, without waste. Our cables are available with or without lugs and can be customized for your application. Call us toll-free or email us with any questions or custom orders.

Our PV wires are double insulated, moisture curable cross-linked cables suitable for a variety of photovoltaic applications. They feature robust, flame-retardant designs that resist UV, fluids and other environmental hazards and have IEC, UL and NEC fire performance ratings and application standards. These cables are compatible with all popular connectors.

All of our inverter cables are UL listed, lugged on both ends and ready for installation. We can provide this high-quality stranded copper cable for practically any project and can cut to length. To avoid power bottlenecks with inverters, it’s crucial to use the right size cable. That’s why we offer six sizes, including #12 AWG, #8 AWG and #6 AWG as well as #4 AWG, 1/0 AWG and 4/0 AWG. You can order an inverter wire kit in sets, or you can order single pieces.

If your solar project requires cables that must be attached to the battery bank quickly and easily, alligator clamp cables offer a smart solution. We also can custom-cut and assemble alligator clamp cable sets in #4 AWG and 1/0 AWG.

An inline fuse kit will protect your battery bank, and we offer 150-, 200-, 300- and 500-amp fuses to guard your batteries against ground fault fires and keep your system running efficiently.