Benin Power Inverters and Solar Panels

Power inverters play a vital role in Benin. This is mostly because rolling power outages are all too common throughout Benin, but AIMS Power works to make sure no one is left without electricity when an event knocks out the electrical system. We have several DC to AC power inverters that have no trouble powering Beninian tools and appliances at 220 Vac 50 Hz.

AIMS Power has worked with international customers for over 16 years. We are often asked if we can ship overseas. AIMS Power is able to ship some product within certain weight limits AND AIMS Power is able to ship product to a freight forwarder within the USA. We have several customers that arrange their own freight and use their preferred freight forwarder.

All of the AIMS Power inverters and products available for Benin are in the link below. Click on the link for a complete product list.