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Liberia Power Inverters and Solar Panels

Liberia operates on a 120 Vac 50 Hz electrical system, and Power inverters are a huge part of the way of life for the people of Liberia. This is largely due to the regular occurrence of prolonged power outages that are the result of too much stress on Liberia’s electric grid. AIMS Power inverters, inverter chargers, and solar inverter chargers are here to give power back to the Liberian people.

Buying a 1500 watt solar inverter charger is a huge step toward achieving energy independence, especially in Liberia where solar energy is abundant all year long. Scorching heat, violent dust storms and harsh Liberian Ocean climate are all contributors to the electrical grid’s instability. So having a backup power system with an AIMS Power inverter as the backbone is a priceless asset for personal or business use.

Pure Sine inverter chargers are a product of particular popularity throughout this region because of the unreliable power grid, this unit switches from grid to battery automatically when there is a utility outage.

We sell 120 watt and 240 watt solar panels, deep-cycle batteries, cables, fuses, solar charge controllers (MPPT and PWM), and anything else needed to create an off-grid, mobile and/or backup power system.

These are the products necessary for achieving energy independence, and AIMS Power promises to provide that at the lowest cost possible.

These power systems by AIMS Power create reliable, environmentally-friendly, quiet electricity, as opposed to fossil-fuel powered generators which are noisy, polluting and require excessive maintenance.

Make a conscious decision to reduce your environmental footprint today.

All the AIMS Power inverters and products available for purchase in Liberia are listed below:

12 Volt Pure Sine Inverter Chargers

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24 Volt Pure Sine Inverter Chargers

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48 Volt Pure Sine Inverter Chargers

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Solar Charge Controllers

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Deep Cycle Batteries

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Solar Panels

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Inverter Cables, Inline Fuses, PV Wire and MC-4 Accessories

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