Madagascar Power Inverters and Solar Panels

The Madagascar electrical grid operates at 127 Vac 50 Hz, and AIMS Power Inverters can be a precious resource in the event of a power outage. In a place like Madagascar, power outages can be common due to natural disasters and other uncontrollable events. Visitors of Madagascar and current residents know that power outages happen “all too often”. Weather is probably the biggest obstacle that power systems face in the Madagascar, but the public utilities are also unstable at times due to technical difficulties and lack of resources as well.

Madagascar is an attractive location to live, especially among expatriates and retirees, and they learn quickly that having a backup power system is a necessity on this island.

A back-up power system running off AIMS Power inverters is incredibly handy during such an event, because it provides access to appliances needed for survival. For instance, having a backup system to power a water pump could be the difference between keeping a home from flooding during a tropical storm or hurricane. The power inverter has the ability to harness the power of high voltage direct current (DC) power produced by batteries and transform it into alternating current (AC) electricity that can be used to power a water pump and/or other appliances.

The AIMS Power 3000 watt inverter charger, with built in solar charge controller, is the perfect example of a product that could make a serious difference in your life on the island.

AIMS Power inverter resiliency is another important aspect of creating a backup power system in a place vulnerable to heavy storms like Madagascar. AIMS inverters are equipped with conformal coating on all its electronic boards, which makes them marine-grade and capable of withstanding extreme tropical conditions.

Keeping your deep-cycle batteries charged can also be a hefty task, but residents of Madagascar have an advantage. It’s well known that the sun hardly ever ceases from shining on the island throughout the year, making AIMS solar panels a great option to keep a battery bank charged year round in the Madagascar. If the battery bank has enough amp hours and the inverter has enough wattage capacity, then power outages will no longer be an issue. A proper solar setup could supply enough power to completely drop any reliance on Madagascar’s utility company.

Pure Sine inverter chargers are a product of particular popularity throughout this region because of the unreliable power grid, this unit switches from grid to battery automatically when there is a utility outage.

We sell 120 watt and 240 watt solar panels, deep-cycle batteries, cables, fuses, solar charge controllers (MPPT and PWM), and anything else needed to create an off-grid, mobile and/or backup power system.

These are the products necessary for achieving energy independence, and AIMS Power promises to provide that at the lowest cost possible.

These power systems by AIMS Power create reliable, environmentally-friendly, quiet electricity, as opposed to fossil-fuel powered generators which are noisy, polluting and require excessive maintenance.

Make a conscious decision to reduce your environmental footprint today.

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