OEM Manufacturing

AIMS has customers that currently import and still choose to buy from us.  No single company can do it all best.  Whether or not your company is or isn’t importing or has the capability to import or not, here are some of our capabilities that may prove helpful: 

  • We know what our factories are capable of right now.  No delays. No broken promises.
  • We talk to our factories practically every day.  Communication can be complicated and confusing with overseas factories, not to mention time consuming.
  • We know what delays to expect and will let you know up front.  No surprises.
  • We know the cost to quality aspects of what we source or manufacture.  We will help you get just what you are looking for in your product line.  

AIMS can help SOURCE many products.  Some of our recently sourced products include:  notebook batteries, digital camera batteries, mini USB drives, USB pen drives, portable CD players.

AIMS can help MANUFACTURE many products.  Some of our recently OEM manufactured products include:  custom battery packs, lenses, housings, custom inverters.

AIMS can PRIVATE LABEL products for your promotional needs.  Minimums apply.