Car Power Inverters

At AIMS Power we offer a large selection of power inverter products for use in the car or work vehicle. The most common type of car power inverter plugs directly into your cigarette plug or DC outlet. These inverters come in sizes from 75 to 400 watts, and they are available in both pure sine and modified sine models. Many of our dealers are frequently installing larger inverters in vehicles for mobile businesses, RV’s, or boats because over the last couple of years the demand for more power in the vehicle has increased. People need more power than the cigarette outlet can handle, over 180 watts. We commonly see larger car power inverters as a solution to the demand for more AC power in a vehicle, and there are many service vehicles using these inverters and chargers. AIMS Power customers are using power inverters to run mobile business vehicles around the globe. At AIMS Power we can help choose the right DC to AC inverter, based on the vehicle and power requirements. We have the expertise to help you design a custom inverter system for a mobile business. You have to take into account alternator size and battery life when choosing the inverter for your vehicle. Larger vehicles usually have stronger alternators that can support a larger system, while some mobile businesses or RVs will require an auxiliary deep cycle battery bank along with the DC power inverter. At AIMS Power we specialize in setting up mobile power systems, and we can help you determine the amount of battery power needed based on the amount and time power required. AIMS Power can help you get the right system for your project.